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About the ArcheAge MMO?

Do they have a release date yet?

I have always played games that set the path for you like World of Warcraft/ Rift/ Runescape and to be honest I have never heard of A game that is mostly player drivin and allows you create your own adventure. I have never played a sandbox game before an dI had a few questions about it.

So you can kill players at anytime and they don’t set a pvp area or Battleground so the game allows you to be a mugger who steals from other players or a hero unlike World of warcraft where you can’t kill the king of stormwind or unless you are horde and it will simply respawn in a few hours.

So for my questions

1: If I kill a player and take his land then what happens? He is dead for good and I would have to reroll another charactar or rebuild my own land? The person who killed me goes to jail?

2: What is the release date?

3: If players can take over other territories then is it possible for me to gather an army of players and take over the entire world as the High Warlord who comanded the invasions? Until I get stopped? Or will they reroll the servers?

4: Will they translate it to English?

5: Do they have gear progression? Like setting up a few NPC bosses aside from the sandbox?

6: Level caps? Riches?

7: Is my army suppose to be with other players or out NPC armies against each other?

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