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POE 3.3 Builds For The best way to Lightning Arrow Slayer Guide

What are your ideas on Soul of Arakaali, and utilizing a cwdt+ic setup with blood rage to aid trigger the 50% improve lifestyle recovery price?



1.Pros and Cons




5.Gem Setup

6.Leveling Guide


8.Pob Link and Skill Tree


Pros and Cons:
+ huge shatters
+ sturdy Slayer mechanics:
+ generic damage
+ enhanced place of impact
+ 20% cull
+ overreach
+ low-cost to start out with
+ great scaling into the endgame
+ feels so tanky with low-cost gear compared to Dead Eye
+ effortlessly killed: Shaper / Guardians / Uber Atziri / Vaal Temple / Red Elder
+ no Blood Rage degen


- not as fast as a Deadeye
- feels bad in uber lab
- you aren’t immortal (compared to a 100ex RF jugg -.-)


Alira would be the only actual selection right here. She provides injury and assists in obtaining resist while having a lot of uniques.




Soul of the Brine King is a must have to prevent chain stuns.
It’s up to you both a defensive possibility like Soul of Gruthkul /
Soul of Garukhan or utility like Soul of Yugul for reflecting reduction.


Gem Setup:
Lightning Arrow (+ GMP + Pierce + Inc Crit Strikes + Elemental Harm)
- skip crits for 4L, it only assists in clearing a bit with shatter
- you could check out Mirage Archer as an alternative to Inc Crit Strikes
- include additional cold for 6L, I don’t rely upon seeing a requirement for that though


Ice Shot (different) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Damage + Additional Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or in place of Mirage Archer
- for those who replace Mirage Archer get Ice Bite as 6L
- you could change Additional Cold with Chain for those who have sufficient harm (just consider it)


Tornado Shot (substitute) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Harm + Extra Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or as opposed to Mirage Archer
- when you exchange Mirage Archer consider Damage on Total Existence as 6L
- you’ll be able to replace Additional Cold with Chain when you’ve got enough harm (just try it)


Barrage (+ Elemental Harm + Ele Emphasis + Dmg on Full Lifestyle + Extra Cold)
[pseudo 6L with elemental penetration in the chest]
- skip added cold for 4L
- add Slower Proj or GMP as 6L, check out PoB for that and maybe change additional cold for those who dont use a shroud of the lightless entire body armour


Blast Rain (+ Conc Impact + Elemental Fokus + Harm on Full Daily life + Elemental Harm with Attacks)
- skip Injury on Full Existence for 4L


The curse on Hit / Herald of Ice / Ice Bomb / Assassins Mark
- Assassin’s Mark vs trash with Herald of Ice
- Assassin’s Mark vs bosses with Ice Bomb


Leveling Guide:
Generally: If you would like to play Lightning Arrow (lvl twelve, reward for that Siren’s Cadence Act 1) for leveling link it with Lesser Mulitple Projectiles (lvl 8, reward for: The Caged Brute Act 1) and get Blast Rain (lvl 28, reward for Sever the correct Hand Act 3) for single target. To the very first number of ranges, you’ll be able to use Split Arrow (reward for Enemy with the Gate Act 1). You can also go with Ice Shot or Tornado Shot as an alternative to Lightning Arrow.

With 3.3 you could also level with Rain of Arrows. I think its one among the most beneficial possibilities corrects now.

RoA + Mirage Archer + Extra Cold + Elemental Damage with Attacks

To assistance, your damage uses Herold of Ice and Herald of Lightning (lvl 16, a reward from Intruders in Black Act 2). If you can sustain your Mana you can test Hatred (lvl 24, the reward for Lost in Really like Act 3) + Herald of Ice. In case of Mana Difficulties ability 1 Mana Leech node near Essence Sap. You don’t really need to have the curse setup or Vaal Haste for leveling, just use everything you get and try out it. Consider all other Gems from my checklist above like your Ice Golem (lvl 34, Breaking the Seal Act 4).

For those who use Tabula Rasa just throw in some gems, you receive like Additional Cold Injury (lvl 8, a reward from the Caged Brute Act 1) or Onslaught (lvl 1, Mercy Mission Act 1).
If you feel as well weak get some goods from Poe.trade. There are actually some actually low-cost uniques and rare products you may use till the finish in the story:

Leveling Gear
- Goldrim (lvl 1, helm, rly great having a good deal of resists)
- Wanderlust (lvl 1, boots, a lot of movement velocity)
- Tabula Rasa (lvl 1, 6L entire body armor)
- Karui Ward (lvl 5, amulet, injury, motion pace)
- Wurm’s Molt (lvl eight, belt with mana leech)
- Hyrri’s Bite (lvl 10, quiver) – Uncomplicated to craft by on your own
- Belt of your Deceiver (lvl twenty, injury, lifestyle, resist)
- any Iron Rings till:
- Thief’s Torment (lvl thirty, no additional mana problems)
Get some daily life and resists on your other goods.


- Silverbranch (lvl 1) – solid start off
- Death’s Harps (lvl 32) – seriously solid
- A rare bow can help right up until you will get a Lioneye’s:
- Infraction (lvl 53) – not genuinely necessary
- Lioneye’s glare (lvl 66) – our objective


Shaper – 3.3 – Incursion:


Pob Website link:https://pastebin.com/zVbHX8QR
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y8sytnoq

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