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The Most Optimal Build for Awakened Priest in Tera

Do you want the best Tera Priest Build? Well, if you are looking for a simple and straight forward guide to show you how to properly build your Priest in Tera, you have come to the right place. Below, I have outlined some viable skill builds for the Priest that I have found to have worked quite well.



With the Godsfall Patch, Priest has been awakened and received various changes to their kit, which in turn changes how the class is viewed and played. Most of the awakening changes I will talk about will be listed in the gameplay section of this guide. The main changes are detailed as follows:

  • You can no longer effectively participate in Slaying Runs – With the new patch, Blessing of Shakan and Blessing of Balder have been combined into one single buff, meaning that in order to receive the power buff that originally came from Blessing of Shakan, you must now also receive the healing over time that comes with Blessing of Balder.
  • Your party buffs are a lot more potent. With the new Divine Charge and Edict of Judgement, you now give your party members a lot more damage, so keeping these buffs up will really improve your dungeon runs.
  • You can now contribute some damage to the party – A lot of changes to Priest revolve around their DPS skills. Overall, the healing on most of the old priest skills has been nerfed, and Priests have received quite a few buffs and changes to their skill chains and DPS skills. Optimal Priest gameplay will now revolve around maintaining your new buffs on your party while contributing some damage to the boss.

Skills and Glyphs (Awakened)

Similar to gearing, Priests also have a wide variety of options for glyphs. I will be detailing all of the skills and glyphs that I feel are most viable.

- Red Glyphs are bad in most situations.

- Orange Glyphs are glyphs that could be useful in certain situations

- Green Glyphs are glyphs that are pretty good and recommended for most scenarios

- Blue Glyphs are essential in all situations

Divine Radiance:
Empowered Divine Radiance – Increases skill damage by 25%. You don’t use the skill, so don’t glyph it.

Regeneration Circle:
Lingering Regeneration Circle – Increases effect duration by 30%. Still not needed as the healing is still minimal compared to your other healing abilities

Energetic Regeneration Circle – Decreases cooldown by 30%. Not a bad glyph anymore.

Influential Regeneration Circle – Reduces MP cost of Focus Heal by 85 for a few seconds. definitely no.

Spirited Regeneration Circle – Increases MP replenishment of all targets by 2% per 2 seconds for 10 seconds. As long as you are using Divine Charge as much as possible, your party should not run into many mana problems, therefore this glyph isn’t essential but can help.

Healing Circle:
Restorative Healing Circle – Increases hp recovery by 10%. The healing on this ability is already high enough, and the points from this glyph could definitely be spent better elsewhere.

Blessing of Shakan
Lingering Blessing of Shakan – Increases effect duration by 30%. Buffs have a very short cooldown so there’s no reason to take this when you can just rebuff when needed.

Fleetfooted Blessing of Shakan – Increases caster’s movement speed by 15 for 10 minutes. Mobility is essential to staying alive and healing. So this is a really useful glyph.

Boosted Blessing of Shakan – Increases the non-combat speed bonus and HP recovery by an additional 50%. During fights, you and your teammates will always be in combat (with the exception of the mystic sometimes) so this is pretty useless. The additional HP recovery is also nominal.

Active Skills

  • Edict of Judgement - This is your hyper buff skill. When activated, each party member gains 20 power and 30 crit factor for 30 seconds. In addition, all attacks made will be counted as attacks from the back. You cannot use healing skills except for Restoration Burst, Divine Charge, and Holy Burst, but all your attack skills gain 50% cooldown reduction and additional effects. You can reactivate the skill to cancel the effect on you, allowing you to cast healing skills again, but the buff will remain on your party members.While in Edict of Judgement, your Shocking Implosion applies a healing effect on your party, and your Final Reprisal replenishes mana. Your Holy Fire applies Enhanced Devoted Favor even if Devoted Favor was not presently on your party members while in Edict of Judgement. You want to use this ability during a boss enrage to further enhance your party’s DPS.
  • Holy Burst - This skill heals a decent amount, and optimally you want to maximize the effect of Enhanced Devoted Favor while using this skill. Therefore, it should be used to mitigate heavy incoming damage. The cooldown of this ability is pretty long, so you don’t want to randomly spam this skill.


Passive Skills

  • Expand the Flock – Lets you pull 4 people with Divine Intervention. Not much to say about this.


Devoted Favor

  • This skill is applied through Regeneration Circle, Healing Circle, and Holy Burst. Party members with this buff recover 100 HP every second and take 5% reduced damage. It’s basically a nice little heal over time to help you keep up your party’s HP.
  • Hitting a target with the explosion of Holy Burst applies Enhanced Devoted Favor, which instead grant 20% damage reduction, heals 500 HP per second, and grants immunity to stuns, staggers, and knockdowns for 3 seconds.

Protective Response - This passive ability is what changes how you play priest. Every first hit of Triple Nemesis reduces the cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 1 second. Every hit of Zenobia’s Vortex reduces the cooldown of Resurrect and Edict of Judgement by 2 seconds. This basically means that you should be using Triple Nemesis and Zenobia’s Vortex as much as you can. The goal is to have Edict of Judgement up for as much as possible and reduce its cooldown as much as you can.

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